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Empowering Berkshire residents through the creation of democratically run and socially conscious enterprises.


Roots & Dreams and Mustard Seeds Inc.

Here at Roots & Dreams and Mustard Seeds Inc., we know that access is not so readily found by those most vulnerable in our community. Systemic injustices compound access by disempowering people's voices, a trauma that can only be healed by ensuring those voices are amplified so that key changes and solutions, found in the deep wisdom of those with lived experience, can be undertaken.  Roots & Dreams utilizes the ethos of co-ops as a jumping point to empower vulnerable people in change making at two pivotal access points, through self governance and democratically run enterprises, where voices are given weight via membership and voting rights and secondly, economically, through the fostering of for profit co-ops, where democratic ownership goes hand in hand with equity, via profit sharing and/or dividend pay outs. Co-op Housing is also key in leveraging the playing field, creating access and growing equity for Berkshire families!



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Rose & Cole's Transport

Worker Co-op Start-up



IT Worker Co-op Start-up



Green Jobs! Holyoke Home Weatherization Worker Co-op looking to plant a second home in Pittsfield MA

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Gustitos Baracuas

Latino Catering Co-op, an initiative founded by Manos Unidas

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Build A Bloc

Flipping with a MIssion/Worker Co-op Start-up

The Streets

El Resurge Cooperativa

A collective of organizations and residents who seek to support healing from systemic and personal trauma through the empowering journey of creating powerful experiential multi-media masterpieces performed and displayed locally.  An arts focused incubation space that will also include supportive social/advocacy programming as well as  transitional housing for community members exiting homelessness. Self determination and self governance are key ingredients in it's creation and functioning.

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“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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A HUGE thank you to our partners!

We are an interdependent organization mobilized and carried by the grassroots efforts of our community. With out you, our momentum is lost and we feel alone in carrying out the shifts we envision to create a more just and equitable Berkshires.

Did you know you can support us by becoming a member? All members, both working and due's paying, receive our quarterly newsletter, are invited to our bi-yearly feasts, have opportunity to sit on our Board, and have voting rights in regards to our major organizational moves decided at our annual meeting. As set out by our by-laws, members can be individuals or organizations!

Berkshire United Way - Innovation Grant

Helping Co-ops Soar

City of Pittsfield Human Service Grant

Transportation Subsidy

Berkshire Co-op Market


18 Degrees

Supporting Rose & Cole's Transport from inception until now!

Jacob's Pillow, Flying Cloud Institute, Williams Theater Festival,The Mount, The Mastheads

Arts Organizations who partner in fostering sustainability for Rose & Cole's Transport.

Manos Unidas Co-op

Team Partner in building co-ops led by Latino people and in creating equitable change among PIttsfield's most vulnerable community members! One of the lead organizer's of El Resurje Proyecto!

$15,000 in Community Member Donations this year!

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